We encourage our clients to let us know how we are doing.  Below you’ll see a handful of the notes we’ve received.  If you are interested in speaking with one of our clients, we’ll do our best to arrange a reference to help you make an informed decision.

Overall, the Pansy Homecare Service, LLC has helped tremendously. They are patient show great attention to detail and most of all care about their patients. I highly recommend their company.

Lloyd S

Lloyd S

West Hartford, CT

I am an insurance agent, and have referred clients to Pansy Homecare Service before. Pansy Homecare services has been one of those companies where you can see that they actually care about their clients, our elders. It’s good to see a company like this take charge of helping those out who are now older, and can barely afford to get around, or essentially just take care of themselves. Pansy’s Homecare services gives you a great package when it comes to Homecare services, companionship help and many more services that are detailed on their website. If you are an elder or if anyone knows an elder that needs extra help around the home with getting around or simply carrying out daily activities, I would recommend Pansy Homecare services to them.

Dominick S

Dominick S

West Hartford, CT

In time of need and extreme stress caused by sudden illness, Pansy’s Homecare Service was there for both my parents and I, their only daughter living overseas. Both Pansy and her son, as well as their caregivers were always responsive, always reliable and always made certain that both my parents receive the best care possible with dignity and respect. Our family cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and support! Andreea, Simsbury CT.

Andreea V

Andreea V

Simsbury, CT

Dear Jonah,

Thank you for sharing the kind words about our Mom and seeing the person within, it means a great deal.

Having dealt with several companies who provided daytime care over the years, I can honestly say there was only one with a very professional owner who hired profession caring individuals.

What you and your caregivers do is not an easy job, and declining in old age is not easy for the elderly themselves, but how you and Pansy provide a compationate and professional service is commendable.

Best Regards,


Dave L

Berlin, CT

I def would recommend Pansy Homecare! Great people and services. Professional, on time, and they go the extra mile. I trust them with my family…


Rony J

New Britain, CT

Where do I begin… first of all thank God for Pansy’s HomeCare… and best of all thank God for Pansy, without you all this would not be possible. I can assure you having Pansy’s HOMECARE in your household is a blessing within itself. Not only are they professional, caring and understanding the owner so modest leads by example. There’s no task to great or too small where she will not go out and beyond to see that all her clients are receiving the utmost care. Pansy’s HOMECARE is more than a HOMECARE… Pansy’s is a God sent agency/provider. I have medical issues that could cause one to feel frustrated and irritated but not Pansy’s HOMECARE, they stick it out for the long run and make themselves available and reliable. I can assure you that no matter your circumstances you can truly rely on Pansy’s HOMECARE. I mean, how many company’s out there where the owner will meet and great you personally and if her workers don’t show up for any reasons you can be sure that Pansy herself will pull up her sleeves and get to work… she’s lovable loyal and considerably amazing. I love Pansy and Pansy’s HOMECARE and I would only wish everyone had the opportunity to be cared for by Pansy’s HOMECARE. In life we need security and this is what I receive trusting my life everyday in their/ her care. Thank you Pansy for going out and beyond for me. I truly love and appreciate you. You are an amazing God blessed woman. May all your heart’s desires be filled according to God’s will. Thank you again. I truly appreciate all you’ve done. Thank you.

Gillian C

Windsor, CT

The Blessings I’ve received from Pansy Homecare Servic, LLC. I am so thankful to have her services involved in my health & wellness care plan. The care companions are always so respectful; pleasant; reliable. Pansy Homecare Service, is just remarkable arrival time, services, personality to match. Would I recommend their services to anyone that is seeking Homecare Services Done Right with Love & Respect.
Thankful for your Services & Love.

Chynna L.

Windsor, CT

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