As a caregiver the main focus of our job is the well-being of our client. We are a representation of the agency and ourselves. We are providing a service that not many can handle, yet most will eventually be in need of at some point in their lives.

Know what your organization stands for, why? Because when we know this, without even realizing it, we become a part of the culture. It is not always an easy job, and at times we can question ourselves, but knowing we are a part of a team and not alone, even though we provide one on one care to our clients, makes the world of a difference.

Knowing the company’s core values helps us to become better caregivers and if you work for Pansy Homecare Service, knowing and implementing our core values into your everyday life will also help you to become a better overall human being.

Honesty, respect, being trustworthy, and an effective communicator. Such simple concepts, but we must practice these things in our everyday lives and we will see a change.

I once had a client who consistently yelled at me to leave his home every single morning I walked through the door. Before I could even reach the phone to clock-in he would scream “what the heck are you doing here, again, get out”.

Well, it used to really bother me and hurt my feelings. I felt, “here is someone I have been helping out for weeks and still no love, no appreciation”. I fell deep into my feelings and one day started crying and questioning if I wanted to do this anymore.

One day, we had an in-service and the topic was on combative clients. During that in-service, I learned about traits of a combative or aggressive person, and why that person might behave that way. I also learned how to adjust myself, and what to do and questions to ask, essentially, I learned how to love someone through there combativeness or moments of difficulty.

So, my next scheduled shift, I said to myself I was going to use these techniques and see what happens. Well, day one was like the past few shifts, and so was day 2 and three. But eventually, there was a change, and not in the client but within me. I noticed I was no longer having anxiety waking up on the morning of my shift with said client. I noticed that when said client had outbursts or moments, it didn’t bother me as much, and when I did get bothered, I noticed I was relying on the buddy system (calling a fellow caregiver to gain perspective or simply to vent).

Over time, my client became easier to manage, thus over time, he became easier to love and his outbreaks became less and less.

See, what we do and say, and how we look and carry ourselves as a caregiver can make or break your relationship with your client. It doesn’t matter who’s watching, you must always do the right thing. Remember Honestly, respect, effective communication makes you the last of our core values… trustworthy.

Perspective: a caregiver may be the only person that a client may have an interaction with daily. So, please stay encouraged. There are going to be some challenging days but remember to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Think, what if your loved one needed a caregiver to come into their home. As Pansy always says, there is a difference between a challenging client and an abusive client, and you are trained to recognize.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as a caregiver, take pride in the job you perform, clients are depending on us!


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