The number and severity of a person’s ADL assistance needed is used to as part of an assessment tool by an in-home care agency to determine the agency’s charges for in-home care services and to appropriately staff assignments with qualified caregivers.

ADLs refer to six specific activities that reflect an individual’s capacity for self-care:
1. Bathing 2. Dressing 3. Transferring 4. Using the toilet 5. Eating 6. and Walking

Services are only for the clients and not rendered for the family, friends or pets of the client. Attached is an effective way to identify the tasks non-medical home care agencies provides. This checklist reduces confusion in understanding the various duties and qualifications of in-home care agencies versus skilled home healthcare agencies.

Homecare Dos & Donts

Businesses fail in this industry because they forget about the emotional side of this field. We are emotionally invested… our clients are family.

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