Caregivers decide to join this field for one reason…to help you! Help comes in many forms and care-plans are unique. Good companions adapt and display these traits daily:

  • Skilled your caregiver should be knowledgeable of your care-plan and display the necessary skills to safely compliment and assist you through your activities of daily living.
  • Attentiveyour caregiver should not wait for you to always ask, after becoming familiar, instead your caregiver should ask you.
  • Reliableyour caregiver should be on time, dependable and consistent with their level of care.
  • Sociableyour caregiver should make you feel comfortable in your home. Communication is key (Handwritten notes, etc.)
  • Trustworthyyour caregiver should be properly screened, work at your pace, and should never ask for more information than necessary.

The role of a caregivers Homecare agency is to ensure caregivers have the training, support, and the oversight needed to assure each client feels respected, comfortable and safe at home. An agency should prepare its caregivers in the following areas:

  • ObserveCaregiver should be observant of their client’s surroundings, physical and mental state, and know how to correctly document and report.
  • Cookeach client has their own preference and diet specifications and caregivers should be prepped to properly prepare meals.
  • Cleana caregiver also handles light housework duties and should be trained on how to properly tidy a client’s home, ex. making a bed, laundry, dishes, & bathroom sanitation
  • Groom WellPersonal care assistants should know the proper process and procedure to follow when assisting with a bath, mouth care, toileting.
  • Well GroomedA way to judge how well a caregiver will treat you as a client, is by observing how they treat and carry themselves. Caregivers should be dressed for success with all their own personal hygiene needs taken care of before the start of their shift.

Caregivers are not there to take over, instead, to complement and assist what is already going on in the lives of senior citizens and clients suffering from either physical or mental disabilities. Without the proper assurances, senior citizens are left open for potential FRAUD and ABUSE.

Businesses fail in this industry because they forget about the emotional side of this field. We are emotionally invested… our clients are family.

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